Robert Jacques

"Bill Lutz has been sharpening his skills as an artist for the over 30 years I have known him. The art he has done for my family on commission has all been well done to our specifications and of good quality. I would be happy to recommend him as an artist to any family or friend in need."

Railcity Fan Fest in St Albans

“Bill Lutz is a fantastic artist to have at any convention. His line work is clean, and his digital compositions are wonderful! Bill is a great presence at his booth, and brings an enthusiasm that elevates any convention floor!”

Luke Hungerford

Mark and Sandy Rudge

"Sandy & I have three Bill Lutz creations and we have them displayed prominently in our place. Whenever a new geek whim over-takes us (Star Trek, Star Wars, superheroes) Bill is right there, helping us make our dreams into reality. I highly suggest him for all of your custom illustration needs! Your fantasies will come true (on paper, anyways!) if you commission Bill for your creation."

Mike Slater

"Bill has been a pleasure to work with. He's very responsive, precise with requirements, and puts client satisfaction above all else. We have been very happy with the pieces we commissioned from his studio, proudly using them as cover pieces and in promotional materials."

Founding Partner
Products and Continuity
Red Duke Games, LLC

Mike and Hannah Powers

“We just received our raffle drawing winnings from the Vermont SciFi and Comic Expo and Bill Lutz Designs. My daughter and I couldn't be more pleased! Pop figures, prints, a novel, and original artwork!!! SO WORTH THE WAIT! Thank-you Bill Lutz Designs and we hope to see you around the 'Con circuit again!"

Vermont, USA

Christopher Cobb

"My son loves everything Star Wars and Bill Knocked this out of the ballpark! I have an Autistic son of 24 and he loves everything Star Wars. He can tell you the names of things and characters that I had never even heard of from the cartoons the Cannon and the comic books. I asked Bill to draw up a poster that my son could hang on his wall and Bill gave me a 3-piece set that were not only great but worthy of framing. My son absolutely loves these posters and every time someone who hasn’t seen them yet comes to the house, they are the first thing he shows them. Bill’s artistry is exemplary, his ability to visualize one thing and then come up with something very similar but completely original is rare and in my son’s case very appreciated. Thank You Bill !!!!"

Vermont, USA

Glenn E. Smith

"Illustrations, cartoons, graphic designs. Whatever your needs, consider Bill Lutz Designs. Bill is an accomplished artist with (X) years of experience. He has an eye for color and shading and approaches every project with the initial goal of determining how best to visually reflect the overall “feel” of the property that he is working with, then applies his own unique and eclectic style to the art."

Author, Star Trek Phase II Novellas
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Charles Root

"I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Bill for various projects over the years and have always been satisfied in the end product that he produces. It doesn’t take much to get any idea across to him and have him just run with it from there, delivering artwork that seems to have been pulled right from my mind. He has fast turnaround times and is happy to make collaborative changes when need be. I highly recommend Bill for your artistic and creative needs."

Brewer, IT Consultant
Vermont, USA

Illustrator - Cartoonist -  Graphic Design - Video Editing



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